Flexible silicone mold for many different uses.

Used for amking articles of clay, wax, soap, gypsum, and any kind of filling material having a relative viscosity to assume the shape of the mold.

Useful for decorating images in painting, in decoupage, scrapbooking, jewellery and in pastry decoration for cakes, biscuits or decoration with shapes of sugar. Even in wedding  and christening according to mold shapes for any occasion.

Fill the mold with the material desired, gently press to fill to full depth. Allow a few minutes for the amterial to take the shape of the mold and fill  until it becomes completely flat in rear surface. Push back slightly and fill if necessary.

Depending on the thickness (height) of the mold bake to 130 up to 230 degrees Celsius. 

Impressive creations

Dimensions (mold) aprox. : 7,80 Χ 6.20 Χ 2,60 cm

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Mold 3d soft silicone tree

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