How to order

Our e-shop allows to place into basket ONLY products on stock and up to available stock. These products are appeared with the button "ADD TO BASKET" (available stock) while products with NO stock are appeared with the button " CONTACT ". Products with NO stock can be placed into the wish list for next order or if you have their code you may require them on your order comments or by phone or email.

Item codes do not appear in general pages where many products are presented. To find the code of a product click on the product name to enter the item page. There you can see all exact details, descriptio, images and on the right top corner the tem code.

For items you order and are not on stock we wait until they are delivered to us and then we send your order.

We can assure that we keep all orders in priority order and make any effort possible to have items in stock, which is anyway our target.